A dream team of drink drinkers and dream thinkers making drinks that you can only dream of.

The world of energy drinks are one where only the strongest survive. To compete and thrive you have to be lean, agile and hungry. In this world, the old giants rule, crushing those who would oppose them. But they are slow - they no longer invent and nothing new is created. In short, they have become complacent in their old age.

That's where 5 Active Energy (5AE) comes along. We are in the pursuit of something great - something different. It has been a long journey and the path wasn't easy, but the nothing worthwhile comes easy - and a worthy pursuit for the right reasons, is far more precious than gold


The first mention of 5AE reaches as far back as 360bc where the philosopher/ visionary Plato discovered the 5th Element - Aether. He discovered this element had the property of immovable energy, it wouldn't bend like the others. Little did he know at the time he had just discovered the element that would bring the energy drink world from the dark ages to enlightenment.


Aether would remain buried in the annuals of history until 1736 where Johann II Bernoulli would pick up the research of Aether and take it to new heights. He discovered it had the ability to shape circumstances around him by increasing his focus, stamina for research and his ability run marathons. Sadly for the world, his increased focus and ability to research allowed him to invent the magnet. The magnet had a pull he could not resist and he dedicated his life to delving the mysteries held inside magnetism. He died without passing on his research of Aether.


Marcus Eeson, - founder of 5 Active Energy and avid energy drink user was finding the energy drinks that had powered him through law school, life and love were not quite cutting it anymore. These cans of potential were cans of disappointment. He vowed that day, May 1st 2007 to create the perfect energy drink. If you happened to be walking through Taringa, Brisbane that day you might of heard him declare from that he would, "create a drink that energizes the mind, electrifies the body and enhances performance... and damn it if it wont be the best tasting drink you've ever had."


Marcus spent the next 5 years in search of the answer that had left him thirsty since that cold day in May. He had discovered something in the rumours' and fables of history - a rare element, called Aether. After spending years researching the history of Aether around the globe, piecing together the clues of the past Marcus completed the formula; begun by Pluto, advanced by Johann and now - perfected by Marcus. With the formula in hand he began the real work to bring this vision to life.


While travelling the globe, securing the perfect ingredients for his formula, Marcus discovered a trio of boys - Nicholas, Alexander and Christian. Together with this band of scrappy boys he sourced the best in innovative ingredients, combining nature and science in a union not seen since peanut butter and jelly or slice and bread.


May 1st, 2021 marks the day the world stood still. 14 years to the day since Marcus's declaration, the first can of 5 Active Energy was cracked open and the world sighed a breath of relief. The answer to all their prayers was here. A drink that would bring energy without jitters, endurance without a hint of fatigue and taste without an equal.

The Fifth element had been rediscovered, harnessed and canned. The energy drinks of old were made redundant.

I guess that's why they say This isn't your dad's energy drink.

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